Trending the Bay

 Trending the Bay

Trending the Bay is the countdown you vote for! It's pretty simple: Send us a text message at 727-469-PUNX (727-469-7869) with the song and artist you want to see on the countdown! If you're feeling particularly, er, vocal, you can even leave us a voicemail at the same number with your most creative argument for why your favorite band should... trend the Bay!

Now here's the rules, disclaimers, and other legalese stuff: All voice messages are recorded and remain the property of Newt Media, LLC. By leaving a voicemail, you consent to have Newt Media, LLC use the recording [or portion thereof] for any legal purpose, including "on air" broadcasts. Furthermore, by leaving a voicemail or text message, you consent to allow Newt Media, LLC to use your phone number for promotional and marketing purposes. We will not sell your personal data. If you wish to opt out of promotional text messages, please send a text message stating, "I wish to opt out of promotional text messages." All charges, including any carrier fees, will be borne by the consumer, and Newt Media, LLC cannot be held liable for any charges associated with this service. Newt Media, LLC shall tally all votes, and is the sole arbiter of what constitutes a "vote", as well as the resulting countdown, Any resemblance to countdowns offered by other media organizations is purely coincidental. No purchase necessary. In fact, children, that is called Payola, and is generally frowned upon in polite society.

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